The Series

Welcome to the Empire State Barbecue Championship! The series is going to have a small change for 2018. To reduce the cost to individual events, the series will no longer take a listing fee from participating contests. As a result, we will have to remove the cash prize amount for the winner. We will still crown the NY Champ and have trophies through 5th place. The Empire State Barbecue Championship will list all KCBS Pro events with a minimum of 15 teams in NY state. Teams are automatically entered by competing in series events. The top four finishes are added to form the NY State ranking. Find a contest and move up the rankings!


Find a ESBC series event near you, compete in at least four to make a run for the grand championship!


Find out where your team ranks. As well as previous year results.

Scoring System

Find out how teams are ranked.